What is a Free Move Assessment?​

In this meeting we will discuss what your company needs to ensure a successful move/relocation.  Moving is incredibly complicated; success is predicated on planning and implementation.  This session is your opportunity to speak with a moving professional about high level tasks that you may not have uncovered yet.  In just 30 minutes we will work through your process. The goal, to have a tangible timeline that can be used to accurately gauge what work needs to be done.   


What does it entail?​

Your company is special and not all offices are made equal.  GO/office understands this and that is why a team member will visit your current office location and learn what makes your business (and your move) so unique. Besides a few profiling questions, a team member will also take some pictures of your office furnishings and a quick video of the space. 

There is no cost to this meeting. All you have to do is "Book It"!

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