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Updated: Apr 22, 2019

A two-phase move doesn’t have to mean two times as stressful. Let’s work together! Check out our blog to see how we managed LiveRamp’s transition from 8 Penn Center to Convene to the Bailey Building.

Meet the Companies

GO/office was very excited to get to work with LiveRamp, another brilliant STEM company in Philadelphia. They are focused on the Technology sector and it was a wonderful opportunity to work with them. GO/office was able to provide instrumental logistical assistance.

LiveRamp is a Saas (software as a service) company with offices located across the United States. They supply a data platform to their clients. Their Philadelphia location is one of fourteen (14) offices globally.

Team Process

This collaboration was heavily reliant on GO/office’s team process. LiveRamp was moving out of their space in 8 Penn Center that they had occupied for ten years. Due to incomplete renovations, their space new space was not ready at the time their lease was terminated. GO/office managed this two-phase move from 8 Penn Center to Convene, a coworking space that Live Ramp occupied for two months, to the Bailey Building, their permanent home.

This personification of GO/office’s team process was evident in GO/office’s work with LiveRamp’s IT department. The collaboration went smoothly as GO/office shared much of the work of breaking down and setting up the IT equipment at each location.

LiveRamp Space at Convene

After being in the same space for ten years, LiveRamp accumulated a lot of items. Before any move, it is critical to prioritize and downsize in order to save money. GO/office assisted LiveRamp with this important process. Many items were thrown away or donated prior to move day. GO/office used their talents with furniture disposition and brokerage to save LiveRamp money and time on move day. GO/office brokered furniture deals on behalf of LiveRamp to nonprofit organizations. GO/office looks forward to showing more companies how we can be your greatest asset in a move.

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