The most important part of the GO/office process is planning.  We learn about what your needs are as an organization and tailor a plan based on an extensive 150 point checklist to fit those needs.


GO/office is there for you. We coordinate with vendors and meet them on site when work is required. We then update all key stakeholders.


The marker of a successful move is Business continuity. Technology is the life blood of business and we take it very seriously.  We put 20+ years of experience to work for you.


Execution is pivotal for all relocations. We are there throughout the entire process to make certain everything is where it should be and nothing gets lost.  


Why GO with GO/office?

Why GO with GO/office over Movers with Commercial Moving experience? 


First, let’s make it very clear that GO/office is NOT a moving company. We do not have our own moving vans or crew.  Is that a bad thing? We don’t see it that way, and here’s why:


1) When you go through a moving company to relocate your business, you are committing to their services, their transportation, their people, their prices. When you employ GO/office, we will lead a bidding process with a network of trusted moving companies, honoring your budget and finding you the best prices.  Rest assured, you still have a say on who you want to hire.


2) We are experienced and dedicated to just commercial moves. When you go through a moving company to relocate your business, they are also in the market for residential moves.  Let’s compliment them and say they are a “jack of all trades”... but a master of none.  When you employ GO/office, you can be assured that our team is experienced in preparing and implementing all aspects of your move.  


3) A moving company will be great at moving your furniture and equipment to your new business location, but moving an office is not the same as moving your home. There are a lot of puzzle pieces that need to be considered very seriously to ensure that you don’t have too many days of productivity. You can wait a few days without landlines or internet in your new home, but can you say the same with your new office? GO/office can work closely with all the vendors (water services, IT, phone, etc.) needed to get your business up and running smoothly in your new location.   


Why GO with GO/office instead of having someone on your staff?


If you have a Project Manager on staff who has the time and confidence to lead your move, that’s wonderful! Before you bring them into your office to give them the assignment, let’s make we are on the same page:


1) Time- Again, a commercial office move is much more complicated than a residential move.  If you are like me, I pack my belongings over the course of a month, dropping items here and there into boxes whenever I feel like it (during commercial breaks) and I AM still not ready when the movers arrive! Commercial moves have to adhere to a strict timeline and your Project Manager must have the time to solely concentrate on all stages of the move.  The time involved to focus on the move depends on the size of your office space, how many staff members you have, furnishings, amenities, vendors involved… but let’s say, it will take 40 whole hours of time for 6 months… your Project Manager may not have the time to dedicate on the move while working on other projects.  With GO/office, you are pretty much employing a new, temporary Project Manager whose sole mission is to get you into your new location as smooth as possible. And if you break down our rates and the hours involved for your move, your new “hire” is a bargain!


2) Confidence- If your Project Manager has an extensive background in commercial moves, you are one of the luckiest employers in Philadelphia! If not, do you or your Project Manager wants to risk it? Earlier we said that we guesstimate about 40 hours in 6 months of work to move your office.  If your Project Manager is new to commercial moving, you may want to add a few more hours to focus on doing some research and homework on everything that needs to be done.  You really don’t want to wing it! The GO/office team has years of experience regarding Philadelphia commercial moves and a network of partners.  We know where to find the best deals, who to work with, what issues may arise, how to troubleshoot when unexpected issues fall on our laps… Your business is your baby. You can have an older sibling to look over them (they are family, after all) OR you can have an experienced, professional babysitter with all the certifications to watch over both them.  You get the point.

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